The Netflix Diaries: The Octonauts

Brilliant. That’s all you need to know. Based on the book series of the same name, the adventures of Capt. Barnacles, Quasi, Peso, Tweak, and the rest of the crew of the Octopod are nothing short of fun for the whole family. That is….if the adults of the family love cheesy 60’s and 70’s era spy movies and television shows.

For those of you unititiated into the underwater universe of awesomeness, Octonauts is a British animated television show for kids. It follows the adventures of a crew of deepsea-living humanoid animals as they explore and protect Ocean life of all sorts while, at the same time, educating the audience on all aspects of the type of creature they are working with. There are a number of characters on this team such as:

Capt. Barnacles: A Polar Bear who leads the crew.

Quasi: A Pirate Cat (not a code word for anything, he’s literally a cat with an eyepatch that says aye-aye and whatnot) who is Capt. Barnacles right hand man and the “trigger finger” of the bunch.

Peso: A Penguine and chief medical officer.

Tweak: I have no idea what she is supposed to be. She kinda looks like a dog, either way she is the head of Tech & Maintenence.

Prof. Tenticles: Pretty obvious here, he’s an Octopus with a seemingly endless library and intellegence.

To put it into perspective for those of you who are not understanding what I’m getting at: Imagine a version of “The Expendables” written for kids and the characters are humanoid animals underwater. There’s the Capt who seems good at everything, the trigger-happy right-hand man, the medic, the tech person, the elder professor etc, etc, cliche’ after cliche’.

It’s Underwater Star Trek for little kids.

More to the point, it’s amazing and a lot of fun. They keep the dialogue simple enough for kids to understand, yet not agonizing for parents. Some of the humor will go over the heads of your little one but it’s not straight up “Spongebob” naughty. And while the creatures they deal with are animated, they make a point at the end of each episode to have a “Creature Report” where they include real footage/images of the creature they featured in the episode.

It’s jam packed with adventure, intrigue, humor, educational material, and inspiration for little imaginations. I appload it endlessly, and I hope it keeps going on and on. Definitely recomended for Kids and Parents alike.

The Octonauts is currently on Netflix. Find Seasons 1&2 now!!

-B.K. Mullen


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