New Year, New Beginnings 

Yeah yeah yeah, everybody says that on New Years Eve/Day. How “this year is gonna be different” and yadda yadda. Well for my family, 2016 is going to incredibly different. Why? Because we took the time and put in the effort back in 2015 to make it so.

In 2015 I became a full time Stay-At-Home Dad and it’s been working out better than I could have possibly hoped. Staying home with the little one and getting to concentrate further on projects that mean something to me has been truely amazing. My Wife got an awesome new position at work in which she quite comfortably accells and looking ahead, there are some wonderful opportunities for her coming up. The little one? She just started potty training full-time and she’s a CHAMP. All of this is in addition to a steady change in our diet to healthier things that still satisfy us, and most importantly…..a new home. 

A full on HOUSE. No more renting, tons of space and a world of opportunity. We worked very hard to get to this point at this stage in our lives and this is one of those times when we can truely look behind us at what we’ve done and reap the benefits of our hard work. The best part is, though, that the work is only truely just beginning. My Wife and I are both the kind of people who like to stay busy as much as we like to relax. Now, we have a home where both things are possible. We have enough comfy space to curl up and watch TV and play with the little one, and a good amount of space to work on all the things we dream about. 

2016 so far is full of some all new things and good feelings that we haven’t felt in a long time. 
This is gonna be good. 


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