Life & Snowmageddon

My only hope is that Bruce Willis doesn’t try to blow it up.

I love snow, and I do mean love. Perhaps it’s cause i’m a January baby or because i’ve spent a whole lot of fuckin time shoveling and plowing it in my life. All I know is every time it hits Winter it doesn’t snow soon enough, and when the snow comes, i hope it never stops. I dig Summer as much as the next guy, but snow? Snow is….refreshing. It falls ever so kindly like a whisper on a leaf. As it covers the Earth it gives you the same feeling as an artist with a blank piece of paper: its a new beginning. And when it all washes away revealing the Earth you know and love….It’s like seeing an old friend for the first time in a long time. 

Some people hate the snow, and I get that. I saw a meme on Facebook the other day calling it “200 Tonnes of bullshit.” I get it, it can be a hassle. It’s cold, wet, heavy and annoying to have to move out of your way. 

But I think to myself: In this new world we’ve found ourselves in, sitting a lot, staring at screens and filling our head with nonsense that we think is important, it’s good to get out for a while. Experience the unforgiving cold, work your back muscles a bit, start and finish a task and breath fresh air. Y’know….like a human. 

A lot of people in the generations ahead of mine think that ours is quite unfufilling. That we’ve taken the technology they’ve gifted us and perverted it so that we never have to do an “honest days work”. But as I shoveled this evening I was deep in thought about the future and all of us “lazy” people on our iPads and I realized that where we will excell is not in the labors of old, but in the endeavors of new. 

Not so many of my generation will have to do things like work in a coal mine, shovel shit or get our hands dirty to pay our mortgages. But do not mistake our focus on the present ammeneties as an unwillingness to work. Recognize that our generation is in its Fall right now. The snow, our great task ahead of us, will be here soon. And just like the generations before us, we’re preparing our tools to handle it. We’re unpacking our cold weather clothing, dusting off the shovels and setting our sites on the blizzard we will face. 

What will it be? War? Global warming? What? What is it that will come to a head and attempt to lay waste to our culture and our world? We don’t know. We don’t know when the snow will come, or how heavy it will be. But as time passes we’ll be readied. Some of us with shovels, some with snowblowers. 

But no matter what, when the snow starts to fall, we’ll be smiling. Because as annoying as it can be, there is no greater feeling than taking on a heavy task…..and making it your bitch. 
B.K. Mullen


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