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S2-Ep 4: Baby’s New Bed

Emma has officially out grown her crib. Now we are in the depths of “sleep training” so she can get used to her new one. Did we go with a toddler bed? Nah…straight to full size. It’s been a crazy week, check it out here!


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Why I Hope My Daughter is More Like Poe and Less Like Rey

First and foremost, she’ll never be abandoned in a sandy place forced to collect junk in order to earn portions of dehydrated food powder. Also, I should mention that this is not an attempt to quash her girly-ness. If one day she feels that she is Transgendered that’s perfectly fine, but this post is more about the mindset than the physical attributes. No this is a consideration by a HUGE Nerd who is also a parent of a little girl in the realm of “should our kids look up to this hero”. Continue reading Why I Hope My Daughter is More Like Poe and Less Like Rey

The Netflix Diaries: The Octonauts

Brilliant. That’s all you need to know. Based on the book series of the same name, the adventures of Capt. Barnacles, Quasi, Peso, Tweak, and the rest of the crew of the Octopod are nothing short of fun for the whole family. That is….if the adults of the family love cheesy 60’s and 70’s era spy movies and television shows.

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